Call Bomber 2022

Call and SMS Bomber 2022

Our tool will help you prank your friends with multiple mass sms and calls using our advance api system.


Step 1


Step 2


Step 3

Step 1

Step 2

Select Which Tool You Want To Use

Step 3

Agree And Click Submit

When you use this tool, You agree that you are only using this tool only for pranking purpose on friends or family and with their consent and not for harassment.


What is Call and bomber?

    Sms bomber is a web app which uses multiple online message api's to bulk send sms to any trageted phone number as a prank.

    This tool is never intented to harras or harm anyone, this is build for educational purpose and use it to have fun with your friends

How To Use This Tool?

    We have made this tool as simple as possible by instructing you in each step to guide you. please follow the steps
    • Enter the number with your country code
    • Select which tool you want (sms or call bomber) you can choose both if needed
    • Agree to the terms 
    • Click Submit

    Enjoy Our Free Tool - Don't Forget To Share

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