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“The Multiverse is an idea that we have close to zero familiarity with.” Check out the new sneak look of Doctor Strange in Marvel Studios’ Multiverse of Madness, Minecraft Addon Created by EL SANDO.Now you can play this addon in your minecraft worldDOWNLOAD IT NOW!!!

The multiverse has been opened!
To begin
This addon has surfaces, models, ways of behaving and CUSTOM ANIMATIONS, dedicated to the motion pictures and trailers of the first film

Safeguard Strange
the most ideal rendition of specialist peculiar, he will deal with everybody and look for harmony for the minecarft multiverse

Health: 400
Damage: 10
scale: 1
attack:  to all player enemies

In the realm of Minecraft PE, it will presently be feasible to take a stab at the picture and get the enchanted abilities of the popular superhuman.

Specialist Strange Mod permits players to utilize wizardry spells. The eye of Agamoto will accelerate the time in the game and dial back the activities of adversaries.

The Strike of the Ancient one is an unquestionably strong spell that has solid harm and might cause lightning. Additionally, with the assistance of enchantment, the legend will actually want to fly, and the safeguard spell will shield him from harm.

Coincidentally, Portals are accessible to clients that will assist them with concealing if there should arise an occurrence of risk.

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